Health | Safety

Keeping our children safe and healthy isour top priority and we take every measure to prevent injuries and spread of illnesses. Our centre is designed with safety in mind and our team is vigilantin supervising children at all times and teach the children about health andsafety practices.  

Daily health checks performed in the child care center

We perform daily health checks on each child before they enter the child care centre. Our teachers are trained to examine symptoms of illness, irritation, spots and lesions. This help reduce the spread of infectious diseases. During the course of the day, the class teachers also keep a close eye on the children and any child not feeling well is isolated in the sick bay while we contact the parents to fetch the child home to rest. In urgent cases, we will also take the child to the clinic located in the same building for medical attention.

Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting in Child Care

Keeping the child care environment clean is one of the best ways to help ensure that children stay healthy. Dirty toys, bedding, linens, eating utensils, and surfaces can carry and spread germs. So, in our Child Care, we perform daily and regular disinfection of all these things. The facility is also installed with Automated Disinfection system which is audited by TQCS International. We are very cautious in using Commercial Disinfectants. Products that meet Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) standards for child care center are used. 

Hand Washing Policy

Hand-washing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection and germs. Staff and children must wash hands regularly while at this child care facility. Staff hands must be washed with soap and warm water and staff ensure that children's faces and hands are clean. We use non-germicidal liquid soap to cleanse without causing dryness and irritation to the skin. We use sanitising spray and wipes if thechild is outside and no water hand washing facility is available.

Menu planning and serving of food

Meals provided are carefully planned and designed by a nutritionist to ensure balance to support child growth. All meals are prepared within the centre and we source our materials from the freshest sources. We are certified by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) for healthymeals. Examples are that we serve food high in fibre, like brown rice and foods low in sugar. We only serve chicken and fish and do not serve beef or pork. Children are given opportunities to try different types of food varying in taste, texture and styles of cooking. We also respect the dietary requirements of different religious/cultural groups and individual child’s food allergy, according to the preferences provided by the parents.

Safety Measures

The facility is designed that ensure areas accessible to children are free from hazard at all times.  Precaution measure and safety procedure such as below are being followed

Reduced Potential Hazards

Power extension cords are inaccessible and do not pose a potential hazard to the children. 


Visible Obstructions

Glass doors are marked with posters, charts and coloured tape to prevent children from running into them. 

Knowledgeable Staff

All staff are trained infirst aid and maintain current knowledge of health-rated, emergency and firstaid procedure. 

Regular Safety Practices

Staffs discuss safety rules and practices with children regularly. This is to ensure that our high standards are met at all times.

Safe Activity Areas

Activity areas are arranged to allow visual contact and accessibility of teachers. 

Ensures the Safe Arrival of Children

Provisions aremade for the safe arrival and departure of all children.