Our childcare hired experienced and well-trained teachers with a minimum degree, diploma, or Advanced Certificate in Early Years in Early Childhood education, Master of Science in Early Childhood and diploma in Montessori Method.  

Meet Our Teachers


Ms Indrani has been in the early childhood industry since 2012, and has been with our school since 2015. She is continuing to upgrade her Early Childhood Care and Education diplomas in both and Teaching and Leadership, and is currently pursuing her degree in Early Childhood at Monash University. Ms Indra oversees day-to-day centre operations and manages the team. She believes that every child is unique and special in his own way and with teachers as their guide to achieve their individual milestones.

Kindergarten 1

Ms Sarah has been in the Early Childhood sector since 2008. Her vision is ‘To provide a fun and meaningful childhood to the children and to bring out their greatest potential during their sensitive period so that they can cope with the challenges ahead’. Ms Sarah has a Bachelor of Science, a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (Teaching) and Internal and external training and certification in the Montessori curriculum.

Nursery 2

Ms Khairanizah possess a Diploma in Montessori education and has been in the Early Childhood Industry since 2011 and has been a core Montessori teacher the entire time. Ms Kharianizah strongly believes that a good teacher should be passionate about teaching and love the children immensely.

Toddler Class

Ms Wang Xiao Mei has been working with us for the past one year. She possess a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education – Chinese. Ms Xiao Mei is a determined educator who has been in the Early Childhood Industry since 2014. She believes that children learn best through play and thus plans interactive Chinese lessons for the students.


Ms Linda is a patient and professional educators who guides and assists children with needs. Ms Linda has been in the Early Childhood industry for six years and she has experience working with children from the different age group. She believes that all children should be nurtured and guided during their early years. Ms Linda is currently assisting the Kindergarten One class.

Nursery 1

Ms Kamisah is a dedicated pre-school teacher since 2004. Certified with a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education and with a love for children, she strongly believes that early years are a crucial stage in a child’s development.

Toddler Class

Ms Tashvinny Pillai is an enthusiastic educator who is passionate about working with young children. She strongly believes all children are equal and they should be given praises and encouragement consistently. Ms Tashvinny is currently pursuing her Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Teaching) at Temasek Polytechnic and has been in pre-school teaching since 2015.

Kindergarten 2

Ms Angie is a charismatic educator who provides our students with wonderful learning experiences. Ms Angie has been in the Early Childhood industry since 2004. and holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Ms Angie also teaches the LetterLand programme for the Nursery level students.


Ms Qi Yin Tracy has been in the Early Childhood Industry since 2009. She displays great capability in working with the younger children, especially the Toddlers. Ms Qi Yin believes that learning must be fun and interactive. With her creativity, she plans fun Chinese activities for the younger children to participate in. Ms Qi Yin holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education Care and Education (Chinese).

Nursery 1

Ms May Su is a huge advocate of Montessori education. Having been immersed in various ideologies like Reggio Emilia, Waldorf and Montessori, Ms May settled onto the best – Montessori. She incorporated and ran her own Montessori school in Taiwan from 2000 to 2010 and then moved to the United States to work with various Montessori schools from 2011 to 2016. Ms May has vast experience in educating young children and her unwavering belief that the onus is on educators to guide and nurture the young children through the different stages of development.

Administrative Executive

Ms Kas works closely with management and to administer policies and procedures at the centre, since 2016. Prior to that, Ms Kas had 18 years experience working with the Singapore Police Force before finding her passion in working with young children. She is fast and efficient in overseeing all administrative duties.

Centre Manager

Ms Julia has been with us since the beginning of operations in 2014 and comes to us with a wealth of experience. These include Personal Assistant to Managing Director, Human Resouces, Accounts & Customer Service Manager and Project Coordinator for some of Singapore iconic buildings. Ms Julia oversees the centre Finances and Accounts, has a passion and love for children and is much loved by the children too.


Ms. Kim has been preparing health, nutritious and delicious meals for the children since 2015. Ms Kim understands the importance of providing healthy meals for young children, prepared in accordance to the healthy eating guidelines. Ms Kim has a certificate in Food and Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures and has been certified in ‘Healthy Meals’ by the Health Promotion Board.

Kindergarten 1

Ms Yuan Yuan is our Lead Chinese teacher. She has been in this industry since 2005 and has a wealth of experience working with children from different age groups. She is an affectionate teacher who has built a good rapport with the students. With her creativity, Ms Yuan plans interactive lessons for the Kindergarten students. She believes that children learn through hands-on activities and engages them constantly.

Nursery 2

Ms Xiong Li is an inspiring educator who enjoys working with young children. Ms Xiong Li holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (Chinese) and displays great enthusiasm in teaching. She facilitates learning through hands-on activities that makes learning fun. Ms Xiong Li has been in the Early Childhood industry for the past three and a half years.

Hygiene Officer

Ms Angel has taken pride in ensuring that our premises are clean, safe and hygienic for our students and staff since 2015. Ms Angel ensures compliance in strict routines and guidelines in relation to cleanliness and hygiene.

Toddler Class

Ms Irfanah Parveen has a pre-school teacher for the past 4 years. She is patient and calm with the children. She holds an Advanced Certificate in Early Years and is currently pursuing her Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Education at Seed Institute. Ms Irfanah has a robust knowledge in the Montessori curriculum.



Average teacher-student ratio

*up to 10 for older classes in k1 and k2

Very Low Student-Teacher Ratio

We believe that one of the most important quality indicators for child care centers is the number of children compared to the number of teacher. The fewer the children served by each teacher will ensure higher quality care. By having a smaller ratio, it allows the center to have a variety of activity areas -- a reading place, an art station with materials on shelves that kids can reach, a block corner, a puzzle area, and a place for naps. Children should not all be doing the same thing at the same time; they should be playing with toys or other kids but still well supervised.

The following chart shows the minimum ratio requirements for different age groups as compare to Singapore Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).